How do you provide customer satisfaction?

Does it look like this?


Give them something better…
…an Ampero!


Added value for the guest

The guest is able to charge their phone whenever wherever

At your location or on the go

 They can return the Ampero at every partner’s location

Added value for you

No taking care of customers smartphones

 Customers do not use your sockets anymore or unplug your appliances

 You provide a power service for ultimate customer satisfaction

How it works


1. Providing Ampero

Give your guest an Ampero. The guests find you and other partners with the map on this website or in the app.


2. Charging Phone

Your guest can keep the Ampero and charge it on the go whenever wherever. Ampero works with every smartphone (built in Micro-USB & Lightning cable). Covers one full battery charge (3000mah).


3. Swapping Ampero

The guests can return the empty Ampero at your location or swap at for a fully charged one.


Ampero Cube

 Charging station for 10 Amperos

 mobile, size of a box of chocolates

 Less expensive than charging cabinets, stations or induction

 No installation or modification necessary


 Portable phone charger

 About one fully battery charge (3000 mah)

 Works with every smartphone (built-in Micro-USB & Lightning cable)

 Credit card size (7,5mm flat, 96mm high, 62mm broad) and lightweight (only 60g)

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