About one full battery charge. Ampero has a total capacity of 3000mah.

Most of the partners do not take a charge for the service. Some do charge a small fee for the service (e.g. £1 per charge).

No, the Ampero has built-in cables of Micro-USB and Lightning 8 Pin

Yes. The Ampero charges every phone with Micro-USB port (Android, Windows, Blackberry, headphones, cameras, etc.) and Lightning 8 Pin port (from Iphone 5).

Yes. The Ampero has two built-in cables (Micro-USB and Lightning 8 Pin). Thus, two phones can be charged with corresponding cables at the same time.

When the Ampero is plugged in to your phone, it restarts within a couple of seconds and the app can be downloaded and used.

Yes. However, your deposit of £20 would be kept.

No. There is no extra fee.

Yes. The Ampero can be recharged via Micro-USB cable at the PC or by traditional charge cable. However, it is simpler to swap the empty Ampero for a full one at any of our partner spots.

You can swap the damaged Ampero for a new one at every partner, as long as the Ampero has not been tampered with. Alternatively, you can send us an email using


You become one of our partners from £30 per month

By providing Ampero’s innovative service to your customers you can stand out from your competitors. Furthermore, you can attract new customers who find you in our app or our website. Finally, you can generate income by charging a small service fee for this extra service if you want to.

You can find other partners on our website and in our app

Each Ampero can be charged and recharged more than 500 times.

You can always turn off the Cube. We do however recommend to keep it connected. This makes sure that the Amperos are always fully charged.

The electricity cost to charge one Ampero is very low, approximately £0,0045. In other words, the cost for 1000 charges would be £4,50.