Behind Ampero


Ampero believes that nobody should be chained to a socket anymore. Ampero introduces the most practical way to charge phones on the go and on demand: The Energy Sharing System.

Collecting an Ampero from the network of providers e.g. hotels, trade fairs, exhibitions, airports, restaurants, the user can easily rent and swap an Ampero (credit card sized, portable phone charger). Partner locations are found with the map on this website or in the app. Thereby, Ampero works with every smartphone (built-in Micro USB & Lightening cable) and covers one fully charge (3000mah)

Ampero’s Sharing System is not only convenient but also sustainable. One Ampero has multiple uses and users only need one at a time. Therefore, Ampero reduces the electrical waste. Furthermore, all damaged Amperos are returned to the company which recycles them.

In next five years Ampero wants “Energy Sharing” to be a common phrase. The company wants Ampero’s are then swapped worldwide. However, awareness and expansion of the network are the main target. Furthermore, Ampero seeks to develop a product that is simple and easy to handle, provides a lot of energy, is robust and sustainable.  Consequently, the product will have to adapt in the next five years. In 2017 the first intelligent product plus app goes on sale

Ampero was founded by Philip Haverkamp, Robin Kirchhartz und Shahnawaz (“Shahni”) Naeem in January 2015. Based on Shahni’s open and communicative personality he remains as the key Networker and Key Account Manager for the company. Whereas Robin, is the “thinker“ and ”strategist“, he embodies the ”Interior Minister“ of Ampero. Robin takes care of organisation, accounting, and HR as well as Marketing. Philip, is an industrial engineer his main interest is renewable energies and batteries. He is also called the “Maker” within the firm. He is responsible for the hardware development, strategy and sales.

Other members of the Ampero family are: Felix who develops the Android & iOS Apps, Marcia our Marketing Manager, and Tara sells Ampero at events and trade shows. The team is completed by Dennis, Max, and Thomas. In total, eight people work at their office in Cologne. None of them charge their phone using a socket on the wall.